About Me
I’m a passionate Technical Artist with about 9 years of experience in mobile game industry. My fisrt four years as game artist and the five as technical artist.
I already worked with node-based Shaders, real-time lighting, asset integration (UI, 2D, 3D, animations), asset management, asset bundles, mobile optimization (GPU, CPU, Memory), basic C# coding, unity (7 years +), GIT, pipelines, documentation, and assets creation (3D assets, concept art, illustration, rigging, animation and some some basic vfx).  
I love creating real-time performatic game visuals. In those years, I developed soft skills that make me feel confortable to lead or act as bridge between teams.
Until today, I helped to deliver a total of 12 games to the market that I'm proud. I worked on its full development cycle on 7 of them. They are Premium Mobile Games and VR. You can check all of them below or at the titles tab! 
In 2012 I started my career as a generalist game artist, and from there I specialized in environment. I've worked alongside the indie game studios Bad minions, Harpa Game Studio and Axiés, sharpening my skills. 
In 2014, I joined Aquiris Game Studio, as a 2D, 3D and Unity artist. There I've worked on several prototypes, sponsored games and a successful self-published game title. I also took more of an interest in the role of Technical artist and started to study and take related tasks in order to fit this position.
In 2016 I started to work as Technical Artist at Black River Studios, a in-house samsung's game studio. There my main responsability was to achieve the best game graphics running at 60 FPS in Samsung Gear VR devices. There we achieved world-class game graphics for GearVR. While working there, we shipped AngestRock & Rails,Conflict0: ShatteredDead Body Falls Magichestra.
In 2018, I moved to Toronto to work at WGAMES as his Lead/Senior Technical Artist, diving myself into the world of the giant Free-To-Play cassino mobile game industry!​​​​​​​
In 2020, I start to work remotely at Wildlife Studio, a Brazilian Unicorn mobile game company. Here I'm working as Lead Technical Artist on the lovely and high potencial Brazilian game IP : Zooba
Published Games
As Lead Technical Artist
Zooba // Android, IOS // 2020
Magichestra // VR, Xbox One, PC  // 2019
Neverland Cassino // Android, IOS // 2018   
As Technical Artist
Magichestra // VR, Xbox One, PC  // 2019
Dead Body Falls // Mobile VR and Oculus GO // 2018
Homestay // VR // 2018
Conflict0: Shattered // Mobile VR, PC VR // 2017
ANGEST // Mobile VR // 2017
Rock & Rails // Mobile VR, PC VR // 2017
Balloma // Android, Tizen // 2016
As Generalist Game Artist
Horizon Chase // IOS, Android - 2015 // Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4 - 2018
Cartoon Network Superstar Soccer: GOAL!!! // IOS & Android // 2016​​​​​​​
Whatahell // Android & IOS // 2013
As Designer, Artist, Technical Artist, Producer
Base Mesh Store // Library of 60 bases meshes // 2017
Meu Studio Indie // 5th placed on a national brazilian entrepreneurship game contest // 2014

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