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Welcome to my portfolio, you can call me Janderson.
I put on this website the launched games and experiences I'm most proud working as artist and technical artist.
I'm a generalist professional who like to work creating 2D and 3D assets, art integration, tech animation, pipelines, documentation, optimization, node-based shaders, lighting and real time-vfx.
Published titles
as lead technical artist
Zooba, by Wildlife in 2020 
Neverland Cassino By WGAMES in 2019
Magichestra by Black River Game Studios in 2018  
Dead Body Falls, by Black River Studios in 2018 ​​​​
as technical artist
Heroes of the Metaverse by Prota Games - 2022
Sky Warriors, by Wildlife - 2021
Conflict0: Shattered by Black River Studios - 2017 
ANGEST by Black River Studios - 2017
Rock & Rails by Black River Studio - 2017
Balloma by Black River Studio - 2017
as tech art freelacer
MLB - generalist - 2023
Boardible - performance - 2023
Afterorder - performance and pipeline - 2023
Horizon Chase - generalist - 2020
Homestay - shading, lighting and performance - 2016
as environment artist
Cartoon Network Superstar Soccer: GOAL!!!, by Aquris Game Studios in 2015
Horizon Chase by Aquiris Game Studios in 2015
as generalist game artist
What'a Hell by Bad minions Game Studio - 2012
Ballistic  Aquiris - 2014
projects by myself 
Base Mesh Store, library of 60 bases meshes - 2016
Meu Studio Indie, 5th placed on a national brazilian entrepreneurship game contest - 2014

In 2012, I started my first paid job at Bad Minions Game Studio in my homeown city Brasilia. I worked mostly doing hand-painted low poly 3D models, but also did rigging, animations, illustrations, and concept art. In one year of development, we launched Whatahell. While working there I was graduating in digital games. In that period, I also worked on Harpa Game Studio Illustrating backgrounds and Axiès as artist and game team lead.
In 2014, I move to Porto Alegre located at the southeast state of Brazil to join Aquiris Game Studio, where I've worked on several prototypes, sponsored games, including Ballistic, Horizon Chase, and Cartoon Network Superstar Soccer GOAL!!!!. I also took more interest in the role of the technical artist and started to study and take related tasks in order to fit this position.
In 2016, I moved to Manaus, a city in the middle of the Amazon forest to join Black River Studios, to develop games and experiences for Samsung Gear VR devices. Here I start as a technical artist to achieve the best gear VR graphics at 60 fps. While working there we shipped: AngestRock & RailsConflict0: ShatteredDead Body Falls Magichestra.
In 2019, I moved to Toronto to work at WGAMES as senior technical artist, diving into the casino mobile gaming industry. While working there
In 2020, I start to work remotely at Wildlife Studios located in São Paulo, here I worked as a Lead Technical Artist on the lovely  Zooba, then, Sky Warriors as Technical Artist.
in 2022, I started working as senior technical artist in Play-To-Earn mobile game Heroes Of The Metaverse, prototypes and hyper casual games, along with Prota Studio.
in 2023, I started to work in short-term contract for several companies, including Afterorder, Boardible, Nexus and TGS, while I am experiencing the life of a digital nomad, traveling over the Brazil's coast.
In 2024, I started working full-time along with Hermit Crab Studio doing sports games graphics.
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