Developed by: Black River Studios          Published on: Oculus Store          Platform: Mobile VR          Year: 2019
Rock & Rails is a game sponsored by Samsung to showcase Gear VR devices. My main responsability was to achieve the best graphics possible running optimized on Samsung Galaxy S6 VR.
My roles as Technical Artist
Shading, lighting, optimization, asset management, asset integration, environment compositions . I also did the art direction of 6/9 levels.
Lobby Lighting

Baked lightmap stored in one 2048x2048 RGB texture. Transparent meshes for lighting flares.

Lobby Shading
Shader created from scratch using unity's lightmap. When the player go to level selection menu, a dark ethereal effect covers the garage changing totally its mood.

World positioned spherical mask with tri-planar projected textures.

Level selection menu

Shader forge

Glam Rock Style

Shader features: unlit texture, vertical fog, object positioned linear fog, fresnel, Transparent meshes to fog

Unity viewport

Boss Level
The boss level was bit challenging, we did not have any 3D modeler avaiable and the deadline was coming. So we decided to create an environment that occurs above the sky in a chaotic lightning mood. 
I created a shader that controls positions, color, size and intensity of the lightnings. The variables are controlled by script (C#) that are animated to create the lightning mood of each level.
There are 3 boss levels. In each level, the thunders gets intensier than the previews one.

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