Developed by: Black River Studios          Published on: Microsoft Store          Platform: VR          Year: 2019
Magichestra is a Virtual Reality Musical Game where the player become the Maestro of your own orchestra made of magical instruments.
My roles
As Lead Technical Artist: mentoring and created tasks for 2 technical artists. Pipeline creation followed by artists. Assembly features and tools closely with the lead programmer, lead artist, game designers and producer. Features and pipelines documentation.
As Technical Artist: shading development, lighting configuration tool in Unity C#, lighting integration, asset composition, asset integration, optimization and VFXs.

Real-time game running on VR platform

Shading and Lighting/VFX Controller

Main shader work in progress

Main shader final version - Shader Forge

Final Integrated Mood Variations

Unity viewport - Epic mood

Unity viewport - Waltz mood

Unity viewport - Melancholic

Procedural animation solutions 
In this project we have more demand for animation than animators available. So, to fill this bottleneck, the solution was to create animation by shaders using vertex offset. Below is some animation studies I did only playng with shaders. We used its mathematics in several animated elements of the game such as instruments and environment props.
Musical effects syncing Shader
Once Magichestra is a musical game, one of the most important visual feature is the interaction between players actions and the lighting and effects of the scenery. Below you can check the study where the music beats caracteristics interact with the visual effects.

Blue sphere represents compass and the red sphere represents beats per minute (BPM). // Unity viewport

Main Shader Progress

Unity viewport

Unity viewport

Unity viewport

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