Developed by: Black River Studios          Published on: Oculus Store          Platform: VR          Year: 2017
ANGEST is a game sponsored by Samsung to showcase Gear VR devices. My main responsability was to achieve the best graphics possible running optimized in Samsung Galaxy S6 GearVR.
My roles as Technical Artist
I created our art pipeline process, implemented 3D assets, did the shaders and the lighting implementation. Also, I give maintenance, assuring that the final art frame didn't break even after programmers and designers integrating features, until its launch.
Gamasutra article
This Gamasutra article explain detailed How we achieved high quality graphics and kept performance on Angest for GearVR (Part 2). There you can read detailed how we did the lighting, fog, cubemaps and color grading applied in the images below.

ANGEST launch trailer

Living Room

Unity viewport

Light transition optimized for Gear VR
We want to do an intention of dynamic light maintaining performance. The solutions found was create an impress of dynamic light, changing two lightmaps and turn on/off emissive material values.

Unity Viewport

A Highly Iterative Process
This project had a very short deadline, so we hadn't time to create proof of concept to validate process and visuals. The alternative was to iterate and polish until the the time hits the deadline.

Screenshoot of each commit in GIT integrating and baking lightmaps Unity viewport

Screenshoot of each commit in GIT integrating assets and baking lightmaps - Unity viewport

Aeroponics is a highly humid place that grows plants and delivers oxygen for the spaceship. There the player needs to do tasks like collect vegetables and regulate P.H coefficient of fluids that feed the plants. 

Unity viewport

Fog and non-static light
The fog uses the traditional linear fog mathematics, but its color is taken from a planar world-positionated texture. There are two textures, one applied to the low areas, another to the high areas. This way we can put different colors in different regions, giving a sensation of volumetric fog.
Dream Moments
In some moments the player is on environment representing a dream. The visual language is a starry cubemap surrounding the player. We use a spherical-word-positioned mask that blends the starry cubemap with the real scenery. We used this trick in the main menu, dream moments and all pauses.

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