This is some real-time VFX's made for Heroes of The Metaverse, produced by Prota Games.

Prota have a small team and is a fast paced game studio, so in order to streamline the process, and not start from scratch, we bought VFX packages from unity store:

 and made a small VFX library on our Unity Editor. I searched for particle and materials which has the characteristics I want and took from the original prefab, blended with another particles from others prefabs, adjusted its characteristics like timing, colors, frequency, speed, custom meshes, performance and created something new until have something good enough to show to the team to take feedbacks. Is important to mention that some VFXs from the library was almost what I was looking for and just suffer little modifications, others ones are truly Frankenstein made from different parts of 5+ different VFXs and few ones was made from scratch. 
Besides the artists who created the VFXs that we used in our library, the VFXs work is collaboration of me, Matheus Frantz (game designer) which made adjustments on the VFXs to it looks better in the gameplay, Raphael Gobi (gameplay programmer) who implemented them and the other members of the team who gave feedbacks, in special Doug Rachesvsky, the client team lead of the project, Felipe Carreiro, the lead game designer and the CTO Lucas Machado, who made we explode everything!

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