Homestay (Jam3)
Dead Body Falls (Gear VR)
Conflict0 Shattered (GearVR)
Rock & Rails (Gear VR)
Magichestra (PC VR) - 2019
Edna's Warehouse (Gear VR)
Stylized Rendering
Rock & Rails Boss Level (Gear VR)
ANGEST : Dream Moment (Gear VR)
Base Mesh Topology
Tileable Terrain | Unity
Real Time Lighting Study
Personal - 2014
Lighting Composition | Unreal
Shading, Lighting
HC Prize Screen
Lit Sprite Shading | Unity
Shading, Lighting
Abstract Waves | Unity
Rigging and Animations
3D modeling
1 Drawn Call Lighting Study | Unity
Shading, Lighting
Hand Painted Textures
2D Concepts and Ilustrations
Concept, illustrations 3D modeling, Texturing, rigging, Animations
Hand Painted Textures
Ilustration and Concepts
What'a hell
Generalist Artist
Meu Estúdio Indie (Sebrae)
Producer, game designer, artist
Horizon Chase (Aquiris)
Super Star Soccer Goal!!! - 2016
Environment Artist
Balloma - Mobile - 2017
Technical artist
Rock & Rails - 2017
Technical Artist
Horizon Chase - MObile - 2015
Gneralist Game Artist
ANGEST (Sidia)
Technical Artist
Conflict0: Shattered (Sidia)
Technical Artist
Dead Body Falll (Sidia)
Technical Artist
Sky Warriors (Wildlife Studios)
Art Pipelines
Zooba (Wildlife Studios)
Lead Technical Artist
Neverland Cassino (WGAMES)
Lead Technical Artist
Rock & Rails - Mobile VR - 2017
Asset Integration, Lighting, Shading, Optimization.
Integration, Lighting and Composition
Horizon Chase: World Tour - IOS and Android - 2015
Art of Whatahell
Mobile - 2013
Super Start Soccer: GOAL!!!
Mobile - 2016
Room Project
Personal - 2016
Superstar Soccer GOAL!!!
Rendering of Balloma (Tizen Mobile)
My roles: art pipeline, shading and lighting.
Rock & Rail Lobby Lighting (Gear VR)
Horizon chase
Special Metereologic effects
ANGEST Aeroponics
Samsung Gear VR
ANGEST Rendering
Samsung Gear VR
Samsung Gear VR
Horizon Chase: History
Tank Survival
Game Jam Game